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We are a comprehensive e-commerce logistics partner. By outsourcing the delivery of e-commerce orders to us, you benefit from global inventory, fast deliveries and cost-effective

10 000+

Sent shipments


Satisfied customers




Square meters of warehouse space


eCom Partners met all of our expectations and we are already benefiting from the outstanding results of this decision

Logonet Promotions

We outsourced our entire logistics to eCom Partners and are now able to fully focus our limited resources on product R&D and marketing


For DiveStock the big change happened once we found eCom Partners as our logistics & order fulfillment provider. We can focus on what we do best - increasing sales.

Divestock LTD

eCom Partners provides very innovative and efficient solutions that are necessary to keep your competitive edge!

2F / Fenix Fashion

Working with european market

Would you like to test selling in Europe or expand your business to Asia with profitable and fast shipments? We can help you. You focus on selling, we optimize the process with fast shipments. We have the lowest prices for shipping inside Europe.

Trully global logistics

We will choose the best possible courier for your products so that your customer can get the
ordered product to their door as quickly as possible. With our help you can compete with local
suppliers as we have negotiated the best prices for delivery with our partners.

Our global network of logistics partners

Test new market

Have you ever wondered how your products would go on sale in Korea, for example? With us, it's easy to try new markets - We send a batch of your best-selling products of the month to the
warehouse you want, from where we can deliver them to your customer quickly, easily and with very little risk. In the meantime, you can focus on the essential: Sales and marketing.

Integrate with e-commerce platforms

Excellent technology expertise in Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other
enterprise-level ecommerce platforms. Integration minimizes manual work. By integrating with
your e-commerce platform, you do not need to send us separate order confirmations, the
system handles orders automatically for us. Customized integrations are also possible.


We are merchant ourselves

We are online retailers. When we realized how challenging and expensive global shipping was, we developed Ecom Partners, which makes logistics easy and affordable for small retailers as

We grow when you grow

We know how important it is for small online stores to find a reliable and cost-effective logistics partner. With our help, it is possible for small businesses to get deliveries at cost-effective prices from high-volume merchants. We are happy to work with small companies whose volumes are just growing.

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Starting prices

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European Union and UK

Competitive advantages

More than logistics

We are a comprehensive partner for business expansion -
We can help you with any questions related to expanding your business. We help our partners from tax and packaging issues to legal services and even starting a business.


We have strong technological competence that has automated the process to a great extent - as manual work decreases, so do your costs.

We know the markets

We know the requirements of marketplaces like our own pockets - with our help you try to conquer new market areas with little risk. Would you like to try selling on Etsy, Amazon, or eBay? We have all the necessary knowledge of the requirements of marketplaces and years of experience in global e-commerce.


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